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Hi, I’m Joanna and I am a Yoga teacher, KORE Therapist, Acupuncturist and busy mum of 3 fantastic kids.

I am passionate about wellness.

This means feeling as good as we can in the skin we’re in. I know how hard it is to carve out a little ‘me’ time when you’re juggling the demands of home and work. It never ends, does it?

What keeps me sane is all the tips and tricks I have to share:

  • yoga practices that not only build a stronger, healthier body, but also soothe and calm the overwhelmed mind and nervous system – easing those fight or flight feelings; 
  • holistic therapy treatments that can help shift long-held, stubborn aches, pains or conditions that are stopping you from living your best life. 

I’m in love life and I have THE best job in the world: helping my clients to overcome their pain, injury and dis-ease.  

We all want to live our best lives and I believe that Yoga and KORE Therapy allow us to get closer to this ideal.

I discovered Yoga whilst at University and it has been a part of my life ever since.  I worked as a secondary school English teacher until my children came along and I knew then that my life needed a new direction.  I knew I could teach and Yoga was an integral part of my life, and so becoming a Yoga teacher was a no brainer!

My KORE journey began through experience – after years of osteopathic and chiropractic treatments (among other things), which would give only temporary relief for my back and neck discomfort, I had 4 sessions of KORE Therapy.  It made such a profound difference – not only to my range of motion and pain levels, but also to my overall feelings of wellbeing. 

I had finally found something that treated the ‘whole’ me –  I began to understand that where I was feeling the pain wasn’t necessarily what was causing the pain (physical pain isn’t always caused by a physical issue – often ‘held’ emotions can cause physical pain). 

On a physical level, my body felt so much better than it had done in years, and on an emotional level, I found I could move forwards with my life as I had lost that ‘stuck’ feeling. 

I had stepped out of the puddle I’d been standing in for many years. 

Training as a KORE Therapist was a natural next step and perfectly complements my work as a yoga teacher.

I now have the pleasure of helping many people on their healing journey to total wellness, and I balance this around the demands of single-parenting to three fantastic children.  I know how hard it is to be a working mum and I love to support other busy mums.  

There is no easy, quick-fix solution, however my regular yoga practice has been the key stone to my sanity as I bring up my children and try to be the best mum I can. 

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